また、外山央、真下武久と共に活動するグループ『intext』を主宰。 メンバーが個別でデザイナーやプログラマーとして活動する中、そこから生まれた興味や解決の難しい問題などをグループで取り上げる。言語、文字、書法、印刷、読書などに通じる一定の様式をユニークな視点で捉えなおし、新たなコミュニケーションの可能性を基軸にしながら展開を続けている。

Yusuke Mimasu
(Kyoto, Japan, 1980)

Yusuke Mimasu is an Art director, designer. BFA, Kyoto University of Art and Design.
Presiding the design studio “yusuke mimasu design” in Kyoto, Japan since 2010. His clients of design works has been active mainly with the museum, art center, and artists.
He is organizing the art and design group which named “intext”. The group handle their interests or hard-to-solve problems, which were found while they work individually as a designer and a programer. They reconsider a certain style relating to languages, letters, prints, writing and reading from their unique perspectives. They have working based on the possibility of new communication created from there.